The Transformative Magic of Design: My Experience at Amazing Piñatas

Amazing Piñatas has been a place full of rewarding experiences and an encounter with a world that offers countless design challenges. A paradigm runs through us; we create objects that accompany people's most important moments, and satisfying our customers' expectations keeps us in a constant search for new ways to create, share and celebrate.

As a product designer, I have focused my work on the development of innovative products that contribute to the creation of new celebration dynamics, in which people can be involved from start to finish. Designing in the small space that travels between novelty and tradition has been a great learning experience, but undoubtedly, Amazing Piñatas, as a creative studio, has guided me within this profession and has provided me with the necessary freedom to propose from design.

I am aware that our products are not just objects that fulfill a practical function, the emotional and artistic dimension is present in every detail, and our hands make our products true memorable experiences. That is why I have focused my efforts on extending this creative magic through new products that can connect with the emotions and intentions of our customers. Without a doubt, this has been a very enriching personal and professional experience, in which the fortune of creating for joy and sharing has allowed me to live design as a transformative tool, in a world that needs more moments that unite us.

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