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Join Our Creative Process to Shape Our Upcoming Product!

 Spinblast - Amazing PinatasWe want your input! Help us choose the perfect colors for SpinBlast and take part in our exciting survey!

What Is SpinBlast?

SpinBlast was born as a genuine idea within our team, driven by the desire to offer something unique for family celebrations. We envisioned a piñata that not only provided fun but also ensured the safety of all family members. So, we created SpinBlast, a piñata that you can assemble with your own hands at home and enjoy special moments with your loved ones.

This innovative piñata doesn't need to be hit; simply by pulling a ribbon, you unleash a true explosion of joy and laughter. Candies and prizes scatter in all directions, creating an exciting chaos of fun. We want you to be part of this process, to experience the thrill of creating unforgettable memories with your family and friends.

Your Opinion Matters

At SpinBlast, we believe that the colors of a piñata can define the atmosphere of your celebration. Vibrant, pastel, or perhaps a mix of both? We want to create SpinBlast piñatas that fit your unique style and celebration themes. 


Please help us defining the spin blast color palette, click in the link below to:

  • For Children's Survey
  • For Parents' Survey

    This survey can be completed in just 2 minutes.

    Spinblast-Amazing Pinatas
    Spinblast - Amazing Pinatas   

    It's quick, easy, and fun. Your input will guide us in crafting the perfect SpinBlast piñatas that reflect your tastes and preferences.


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     Amazing Pinatas - Spinblast

    Join the Celebration Revolution

    By participating in this survey, you become part of the SpinBlast family. Join us in the revolution of safe, eco-friendly, and fun piñatas that bring families together.


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