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The Thrill of Breaking a Piñata

The party is in full swing, the warmth of all the people around can be felt, the music is loud and bright colors adorn every corner. A mysterious figure appears suspended in the air: a seven-pointed piñata. My guests begin to gather around, with bright eyes, somehow we all know what's coming!

The piñata is a central element of the party, its presence generates contagious excitement, our stomachs churn with anticipation of how many gifts we'll be able to catch. We've been told that the piñata is a tool to defeat evil and temptation, symbolizing the seven deadly sins. We remember from books how Spanish missionaries used the piñata as a way to teach natives about the Catholic religion, but now the tradition has evolved and filled parties with love.

The piñata, decorated with crepe paper and shiny streamers, is filled with candy, fruit, and small toys. We form a long line, one after the other, waiting our turn to try to break it with a stick. Blindfolded and with arms stretched out, each of us makes a heroic effort to bring down the piñata, while the others cheer and sing.

Finally, after several attempts, THE PIÑATA BREAKS! The rain of candy and toys begins. We run celebrating our victory and the defeat of evil.

The piñata tradition unites everyone at the party, creating a sense of community and belonging. It's a reminder of the importance of traditions and connection to the past, and how a simple activity can create such powerful emotion in people. The piñata has become more than just a game, it's an exciting experience that will never be forgotten.


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