Get to know us!

Por Lorena Robletto

Get to know us!

If you're interested in pinatas, you've reached the right place!

Our mission is to offer a large variety of well-made quality pinatas at reasonable prices while paying workers fair livable wages. I want everybody to be a winner!

The business model we've adopted of paying equitable wages to our employees has become instrumental in the creation of fine quality products, which in turn has yielded a great deal of profit--profit to be shared with all employees, not just with the owners. This has remained a core value of ours, and has built a much stronger business.

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Our piñata business

For years, the pinata business has been part of an underground economy in that it has exploited workers who have contributed extensive hours of labor while customers were paying minimal costs. I drew upon past social work experience to assist some of these workers who neither had benefits, insurance, nor job stability.

Workers in the pinata industry have traditionally been resourceful, hard-working, and dedicated to their craft in order to support their families. I realized changes needed to be made, and ever since

--call it good karma or just ethical business sense--

Our family business has thrived and prospered in unexpected and wonderful directions!


Before becoming a mom, I worked as a social worker, and had earned degrees in both Social Work and Child Development. I earned an MBA while raising children, as I knew that following my dream would prove to be excellent role-modeling for my children as they too would learn the value of having a vision and fulfilling it through hard work and persistence.

When my kids started high school, I realized I could begin the next step of turning my dream into reality.

I was inspired by this family as they reinforced my beliefs that dreams can be made real through passion, hard work, and self-motivation.

The work must be done!

I became a key player in the growing pinata district, and although I lacked experience, my passion drove me to remain true to my values of constantly learning what was best for the business, and in doing whatever needed to be done in order to help the business grow.

I learned some of this tenacity from my experience of working in the movie industry wherein there exists zero tolerance for error, sloppiness, or excuses.

I apply these same values to our growing pinata business, as they comprise the cornerstone of our professional business model. 

At this point, we have begun to incorporate e-commerce in our business, which we believe will demonstrate that the craftsmanship involved in making pinatas is essentially an artistic process.Our business has found a new home--indeed, a gorgeous gallery--that unveils pinata creation as the art form that it truly is. We welcome anyone interested in pinatas to stop by and take a look at all the gems we have to offer.

Thank you for reading about us, and we look forward to seeing you!

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