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Dive into a world of spooky delights with Amazing Pinatas' Halloween and Dia de Muertos collection! Discover a variety of unique piñatas and an amazing selection of decorations to take your Halloween and Dia de Muertos parties to the next level.

Alien Pinata
Alien Pinata

Alien Pinata

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UFO Pinata | Amazing Pinatas
UFO Pinata | Amazing Pinatas

UFO Pinata

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Balloon Light Up - Amazing Pinatas

Balloon Light Up

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Halloween and Dia de Muertos Creations

Our custom creations are a testament to our craftsmanship, providing a sneak peek into the possibilities for your Halloween and Dia de Muertos festivities, and even beyond! Curious to have one tailored to your vision? Reach out today, and together, we'll breathe life into your distinctive ideas!


Crafted for display at Craft In America, this Alebrije seamlessly blends Mexican tradition and artistry.

Museum Catrina

Displayed at the Mingei Museum, this Catrina Piñata stands at an impressive height of over 2 meters.

Día de Muertos Altar

We crafted a unique Day of the Dead altar with traditional elements, honoring memories with authenticity.

Catrín and Catrina

Behold this unique pair of Catrina and Catrin piñatas, custom-made for a wedding anniversary celebration!

Purple Catrina

We crafted this Catrina with a beautiful purple dress and vibrant colors for a wonderful celebration!

Paper Costume

Crafted a dazzling paper costume for Alejandro, turning festival night into a magical, unforgettable experience.

Zombie Head

For the children's party, we crafted a zombie head piñata that left the kids in awe.


When tasked with crafting a Ghostbusters' piñata for a Halloween party, we embarked on a thrilling creative journey.

Halloween & Dia de Muertos: Get Inspired!

Find ideas for Backdrops, costumes, decorations, masks, and centerpieces on our Pinterest board.